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Hello! We are Welcome & Meet

Welcome & Meet is an emerging platform that securely connects local hosts and travelers from across the world.

Welcome & Meet offers an unprecedented approach to travel: 

Discover what it’s like to live like a local! This immersive experience takes you on an authentic journey as you spend a few hours discovering a new place & culture. 

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The concept

Local hosts are carefully selected by the Welcome & Meet team and open their doors to travelers for a few hours to share their lifestyles. 

Curious travelers then connect with our local hosts to learn about their daily lives and to live an invaluable local travel experience. 

Our passionate and dedicated team connects local hosts and travelers to cultivate rich and unforgettable connections.

How does it work?

The Welcome & Meet team then connects local hosts with travelers to proceed with booking. We don’t use algorithms, instead you get a real human experience throughout every step of the process.

Travelers browse our platform and select a location, the resident and the date they wish to visit.

Local hosts create their own profile on the platform to offer unique experiences they want to share (brunch, dinner, gardening, a games night…).

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Become a local host

The “How” and “Why”

You love to share your culture? Make connections? Meet new people? Do this securely and with a flexibility that suits your schedule by becoming a local host with Welcome & Meet.

Meet travelers from around the world and supplement your income!

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Our local hosts

And their profiles

Travel with Welcome & Meet

The “How” and “Why”

You want to explore the world on a deeper level? Not only see but experience a country? Meet locals and understand what their daily lives are? Try something new?

Welcome & Meet allows you to travel differently and more profoundly.

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Reviews from our community

And why they loved it

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Our commitments

Why trust us?

We have integrated a secure and automated payment method.

Welcome & Meet is a secure platform: we book times to meet each local host.

The local hosts and travelers agree to respect our Code of Conduct.

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The Team

Once upon a time…

Welcome & Meet was born from the wandering minds of two travelers, Marie and Nelly, passionate about making new connects and discoveries. We believe that facilitating an opportunity for experience between a local host and a traveler is mutually beneficial to everyone.

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